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Three timer tricks to help you simplify life

Hour glass timer to illustrate three timer tricks to help you simplify life

You can’t hack your way to a simpler life, but you kind of can. 

Slowing down and simplifying takes work. There’s no escaping that. Giving your life a radical overhaul takes time, thought and energy, three things that, if you’re searching out articles like this, you’re unlikely to have in abundance. But there is something you likely do have, you may be holding it right now, it’s a timer. And it’s your secret weapon in simplifying life. 

Of all the apps out there to help you simplify life, you can’t go past the humble timer. Not only will it help you to get stuff done, smart use of a timer claws back precious time, thought and energy from everyday activities giving you more space in your life to chip away at the fundamental aspects of establishing a simpler, slower lifestyle. 

Three timer tricks to simplify life

Here are three ways you can use a timer to claw back time and mental energy:

1. Give yourself boundaries

Can’t give up scrolling, browsing or binge watching? Get in the habit of setting a timer before you start. Give yourself a time allowance and enjoy it. Not only do you claw back time, you don’t waste precious energy heaping guilt and admonishment on yourself. 

2. Overcome procrastination

Feeling overwhelmed and sick of rushing? Procrastination might be the culprit. Use a timer to trick yourself into getting over the hurdle of getting started – tell yourself you only need to do 15 minutes of the dreaded task, set a timer and go. Once you’re started, it’s amazing how often you want to carry on. I used this a lot in decluttering my home. 

3. Reduce nagging and disagreements

Maybe it’s just my child, but they respond much better to the sound of the timer alarm than me telling them it’s time to do or stop doing something. Especially helpful for little ones that can’t use a clock yet and are still learning the concept of time, but timers have plenty of other applications too. We have a five-minute timer in our shower, and it helps reduce disputes among family members of all ages!

What’s your best simple living hack? Please share. 

Hour glass to illustrate three timer tricks to help you simplify life

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