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Minimalism or spring cleaning? Week 2 #minsgame 2

This week, I’ve been pondering the question – am I moving towards minimalism or just spring cleaning?

#minsgame, decluttering, minimalism

Week 2 – 77 items decluttered

I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter. Whatever ‘this’ is, it feels good and I’m glad I am doing it.

Take my bathroom cupboard. Sure, there might be more in there than Dave Bruno lived with for a year, or Rob Greenfield’s entire worldly possessions – but it works for me.

One of my first decluttering efforts (pre-#minsgame round 1 last year) was to deal with this cupboard. The cupboard had been so full, when I opened the door random stuff fell out. It’s stressful enough trying to administer medication to ease your toddlers breathing at 3am, without triggering an avalanche of sticking plasters, spare deodorants and expired beauty treatments all over the bathroom floor. Something had to change.

And it did!

#minsgame, decluttering, konmari, Marie Kondo, Minimalism

My bathroom cabinet – before, after and now (over a year later)

About a year later, I called a plumber to replace the bathroom faucet. As he walked through the door it suddenly dawned on me that he’d need the cupboard under the sink cleared so he could work in there.

Previously, this would have sent me into a panic – trying to deal with all the stuff, dreading putting it away again later, the embarrassment of moving 14 packets of tampons in front of the poor plumber. Instead, I simply scooped everything into a nearby washing basket and quickly put it back again when the plumber left. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ – it was a total non-event.

#minsgame, decluttering, konmari, Marie Kondo, Minimalism

Marie Kondo says we all have stockpile of something – guess mine is tampons! 14 packets found buried in the disaster that was my bathroom cupboard

This week playing the #minsgame I’ve made doing anything in the garage a non-event. My goal for the rest of the month is to also make doing the following non-events:

  • finding baking supplies in the pantry
  • working at my desk (spoiler alert – I am going this right now – whoop, whoop!)
  • accommodating someone in the guest room
  • finding something to wear.

Wish me luck!

Where are the clutter hotspots in your home? What’s the single biggest difference you’ve noticed from decluttering?


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  • thecfomom
    July 16, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    I have a closet that scares me. I need to work on it once and for all.

    • Amy
      July 17, 2016 at 8:07 am

      Go for it! I think the dread of tackling it is actually more energy sapping than actually doing it. I have to agree with Marie Kondo, when I’ve done it properly (discarding first, not just organising) the change has been lasting and well worth the effort.

  • livesimplebefree
    November 7, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    The hutch in my kitchen… it currently serves as baby bottle holder, plate and cup holder, printer holder, wine holder, and misc. small bits from around the house holder. My dream is to dedicate it to just one purpose so that it doesn’t feel so cluttered. I like your mindset of making the decluttering process a “non-event.” We are moving in less than a month so I’m going to try reframing the whole ordeal so that it doesn’t feel so stressful.

    • Amy
      November 7, 2016 at 5:51 pm

      All the best with the move. Such a great opportunity start afresh as you set up your new home.
      Those multi-purpose storage places that have everything that doesn’t belong anywhere else are very challenging!

  • Jane @ Sustayable Me
    November 9, 2016 at 4:02 am

    My clutter hotspot is my kitchen bench, everything seems to get piled up there and then I remember to clean it every few days.
    The biggest difference for me since decluttering is there is no longer any need for spring cleaning!
    Good luck with your Minsgame challenge.


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