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For me, right now: November 2018

For new, right now: November 2018 - What I've been doing, reading, listening to, making and thinking about

It’s the season for everything to happen at once – even rainbows

Wow, we’ve reached the end of November. I can’t say this is my favourite time of the year. As we move into December, everything happens at once, plus I do a lot more shopping than usual.

A year or two ago, we simplified our household finances. We now have two joint bank accounts – one for day-to-day transactions and one for savings. We have debit cards hooked up to the transaction account. It works well, but theee’s one downside to this simple set-up that comes into focus at this time of year – it’s hard to buy a present and keep it a surprise, especially if you buy online!

This year, we’ve found a good solution – prepaid credit cards. I’ve bought these before to give as gifts, but this year my husband and I are each going to buy gifts.. There is a small cost for each card, but for me, that is outweighed by the fact it will ensure I stick to my budget.

The holiday season can be challenging for those of us who want to slow down and simplify our lives. I’ve written a couple of posts about how I handle these challenges:

I also recommend Five reasons you hate Christmas (and how to love it again)  from Emma at Simple, Slow & Lovely. And for something different, How (+ Why) I Opt Out for Christmas from Lindsay at Treading My Own Path.

What I’ve been:

Reading – Someone on Instagram recommended Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko. It’s a dark, gritty and hilarious drama set in rural Australia. I’m so glad I stumbled across this book.

Listening to– I’ve done less train travel this month, so I haven’t listened to as many podcasts as usual. The Slow Home Podcast  remains my favourite and I’m looking forward to the summer series where they re-play favourites from the year.

Making– At the beginning of November, I went off to a knitting retreat. Its sounds very slow and relaxing, doesn’t it? It was actually full-on with lots of workshops. It took me a week to recover! One of the workshops was on how to dye yarn. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but I loved it and I’m keen to do some more. I have to make something out of this lot first.

For me, right now: November 2018 - What I've been doing, reading, listening to, making and thinking about

So much fun – who knows what they’ll look like knitted up

Thinking about– There are only nine school days left before six weeks of holidays. So I’m thinking about those. Mr More Time and I are really excited about having more time to hang out with Mr 6. We’re thinking up a bunch of family adventures. We’ll probably all be sick of each other by Christmas! I have no solid plan for how we’ll juggle work – I think that will mostly be reserved for the evenings.

What were your highlights for November? Are you looking forward to Christmas?

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