Slow down and simplify

For me, right now: May 2018

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Highlight of the month – A family walk to the motorway to watch the cars!

The other day I was reading It feels good to be busy – that’s the problem on Tiny Ambitions when something struck me. In the post, Britt describes how she was drawn into some busyness-one-upmanship with a colleague. I could totally relate to the post. I started typing a comment to Britt, when the realised I can’t actually remember the last time this happened to me. While busy-bragging used to be a feature of my everyday conversations, it’s not anymore.

Regular readers will know that I’m making an effort to push back against the glorification of busyness  – in my own mind and in my words. And it has made a difference!

I avoid rattling off a long list of things on my plate and others have reciporicated. That got me thinking. Has my change let them off the hook of feeling they must present themselves as busy? While the nature of our conversations has shifted, are my friends still chatting to their other friends and aquaintances in the same way? I don’t know. What I do know is that against the mighty tide of societal norms you canchange your own little world, and that’s very encouraging.

A highlight this month was that I featured in the What other families do series on Planning with Kids.  It gives you a glimpse into some of my key routines and how I manage things at home. Nicole aptly titled the piece Planning Ahead. Seeing that was another “a-ha” moment. My way of thriving (sometimes surviving) amongst life’s craziness is to break it down into one-week chunks.

This year I’m using a bullet journal to plan out my week, giving more structure to a practice I’ve been doing on random bits of paper for a while. It helps me to focus on what’s most important and not get swept up in manic busyness.

What I’ve been:

Reading:I’m in the middle of The Paradox of Choice. I’m nodding a lot. For any of you who have read it, I’m a reforming maximiser. If you’re also compulsive TV channel switcher, you probably are too.

Listening to: The most thought-provoking podcast I listend to this month was a conversation between Catherine Price and Dan Harris about Redefining Your Relationship with Your Phone on 10% Happier. I started reading Price’s books How to Break Up with Your Phone, but I’m too chicken to try the 30-day plan. If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear how you got on.

Making: I’ve been participating in a charity knit-a-long called Milo May. Hundreds of knitters make variations of the same pattern. I got a bit enthusiastic and injured my finger from over-knitting – twice!

Thinking about: Winter has hit and I’m gravitating towards hibernation. I’m thinking about ways to trick myself into keeping active, now that my usual beach walks aren’t so appealing. I made a good start in the weekend, seeking out new places it explore in our neighbourhood. Now to keep it up!

How was May for you? Do you have any winter survival tips?


  • whenparkspeaks
    June 4, 2018 at 12:51 am

    I find that people who complain about being super busy are almost bragging, even though most of their busyness is of their own doing and lack of planning. Society tends to look down on people who are not being productive 24/7. I find myself wondering if I should really be sitting down for a bit and reading or should I be working, cleaning etc.

    • Amy @ More Time Than Money
      June 4, 2018 at 7:24 am

      I agree. I think the trick to being really productive is having plenty of down time, rather than just go, go, go.


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