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For me, right now: June 2019

For me, right now: June 2019 what I've been doing, listening to, reading, making and thinking about #slowliving

My approach to life this month has had a definite theme – let it go.

As someone with perfectionist tendencies, June was both a challenge and a triumph. There was a lot to do and it wasn’t going to get done to my usual high standards.

At home, that meant accidentally leaving things off the shopping list and lunch boxes without the usual homemade goodies. At work, it meant submitting messy first drafts that actually read like messy first drafts. In the end, nobody starved and all deadlines were met. But that wasn’t the triumph.

The triumph was how I handled it. Rather than imagining perfection and then giving myself demerits for not achieving it, I focused on what I did achieve. Instead of being stuck in a loop of could’ve, should’ve and would’ves, I let it go. It wasn’t easy, but the good thing about it being a full-on month – I got lots of practice.

What I’ve been:

Listening to: I haven’t listened to the Happier podcast for ages, but I couldn’t scroll past the recent episode about cultivating casual friendships. The gist is that getting to know the people you cross paths with on a day-to-day basis (even just a little bit) improves your well-being. I’ve found this to be one of the big benefits of slowing down. When you’re not rushing all the time, these kind of relationships happen very organically. That has certainly been my experience.

Reading: I have a new must-read recommendation for you – Time and How to Spend It by James Wallman. I’m a big fan of Wallman’s first book, Stuffocation . This book follows the same experientialism theme. The book is unusual in its genre as it focuses on making the best use of your leisure time. It’s all about being a discerning creator and consumer of experiences – quality over quantity. If you find yourself packing all your free time with activities, worried that otherwise you’ll miss out on life, this might just be the book to help you slow down. I intend to do a full review, so watch this space.

Making: I want to make all sorts of craft projects at the moment, however a pinched nerve in my neck means I have to take it easy. I did manage to make myself a pair of slippers though – and they both came out the same size! Also, I made pancakes and they were delicious. Misshapen, but delicious. I used a recipe from Glen & Friends. Are there any other fans of Glen & Friends?

Thinking about: Now the plastic bag ban has come into effect, I wonder what will be the next to go. I’m all for these kind of measures as it’s often easier to do without single-use items than it is to continually resist them. Hopefully, it will build momentum towards changing our throwaway culture.

How was June for you? Have you read any good books lately?

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