Slow down and simplify

For me, right now: February 2019

What I've been doing, reading, listening to, making and thinking about in February 2019 #slowliving

This month, I saw a flying pig and got tangled in a giant purple octopus

And just like that, summer exits and chilly autumn mornings arrive. While I enjoy a slow summer, the season ahead it shaping up to be more of a test of my slow-living principles.

Last month, I mentioned my intent to do more to lessen my environmental impact. So as not to feel overwhelmed, each month I plan to set myself one small action to incorporate into my life.

A big thank you to all the readers who said they’d like to join me in giving this a go. I’ve set up a Facebook group – Small action, Big difference – where we can support each other and share our progress. The idea is, we each pick our own action for the month, but you’re welcome to use mine as inspiration.

My action for March is one that’s been on my list to investigate for a while – buying packaging-free meat. I’m looking forward to getting started.

What I’ve been:

Reading:In contrast to last month, I’ve had a reading slump, which only turned around when Australian crime novel Scrublands turned up for me at the library. Turns out, I’m a deadline reader – if there is a book that I must return, I get onto reading it. If it’s a book I own, or something I know I can renew, it languishes on my bedside table.

Listening to: I really enjoy the re-vamped format of the Simple podcast. I love the discussion in this episode about how, contrary to what many of us think, being tidy is a skill you can learn. As someone who is tragically messy, when I clicked that tidiness isn’t some default setting installed at birth, I could actually make progress. I’ve learnt lots of things in my lifetime, some more easily than others – tidiness another thing I can learn.

Making: Now it’s a bit cooler, I’m back into knitting, although I didn’t complete anything this month. I went to my first ever Lights Up Knitting event – a movie theatre full of people knitting while they watch. I loved it, being surrounded by fellow knitting geeks and the click click click of all the needles.

Thinking about: We had some good family catch-ups in February. With my parents moving further away last year, I’m conscious that if I don’t actively cultivate regular catch-ups they could easily drop away a bit. In my year of enough, this was an area of at risk of not doing enough. The funny thing is, I don’t feel like I did much, if anything, to make this happen. It was like osmosis. On reflection, it highlights the power of intentions. While I generally feel that manifesting abundance is a load of tosh, I will concede that if you’re looking for something you’re more likely to find it.

What I've been doing, reading, listening to, making and thinking about in February 2019 #slowliving

What were your highlights for the month?

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