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A #foodwastefriday check – 24 Feb 17

I’m on a mission to reduce my foodwaste and I’ll be checking in regularly on how I’m doing as part of #FoodWasteFriday. Since I last checked in on 10 February 2017, here’s my progress:

Demerit: I wasted one peach and four cocktail sausages. We’ve been away on holiday, before we left I grabbed the fruit left in the fruit bowl for travel snacks. The peach didn’t survive the travel. While we were away I over-bought on the cocktail sausages. The boys did a valiant effort at eating them all up over a number days, but the last four were a stretch too far!

More food was wasted when the freezer socket tripped an emergency cut off while we were away! Luckily it must have only been a day or so as everything hadn’t thawed. We lost two bread sticks that were sitting on the bottom and went soggy and two litres of milk (it was probably safe to drink but had been frozen for years and didn’t look appetising).

While cleaning this up, I found that ants had invaded my son’s backpacks (2 bliss balls) and our emergency supplies (6 snack packets of dried fruit). There was a second ant invasion this morning, resulting in the loss of 1/2 packet of marshmallows and two small sample jars of honey.

Gold star: The Use It Up breakfast on the last day of our holiday – especially to my husband, who, while he couldn’t face ANOTHER cocktail sausage, did eat a carrot for breakfast without complaint.

On the Use It Up shelf

I keep the bottom shelf of my fridge clear, except for items that much be used up immediately – my Use It Up shelf.

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My Use It Up Shelf

On my Use It Up shelf currently is:

  • leftover chickpea curry – I’lll eat that for lunch today
  • half a container of ricotta – hopefully enough for some of Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters
  • some silverbeet my neighbour gave me yesterday – I might change my plans for the ricotta and make spinach and ricotta cannelloni, or freeze the silverbeet for a later day.

 Join me

Feeling inspired to join me? I’d LOVE to have some buddies. Simply subscribe to the blog (it’s on the sidebar), get notified of my new posts and comment about your own progress. I’ll use the hashtag #foodwastefriday when I share my progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Also, if you want to reduce your food waste, I’m a member a fabulous new Facebook group – Reduce your food waste!. The group is co-ordinated by Zoe Morrison of Eco Thrifty Living .

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