Starting as you mean to continue – gratitude in the morning

My Mum recently found an old Garfield toy of mine in her attic. I loved Garfield as a child – we both liked lasagne and hated mornings.


July in New Zealand means dark winter mornings – getting up when it’s dark outside puts me out of kilter and can leave a cloud hanging over my whole day. Spring will come, but in the meantime, I’m open to strategies to beat the winter blues.

I found some inspiration in June’s Gratitude Circle posts – both Connie and Riley wrote of how they’ve benefited from starting their days with a simple gratitude practice. I resolved to give it a try with the hope of improving my morning mindset and outlook during the day.

How did I go?

Sadly, cure the winter blues it did not, but a few moments of gratitude before rising warmed my heart and has awoken an appreciation for my secure and abundant life.

Upon waking, I simply list the things I’m grateful for. A definite pattern emerged. Invariably, my first thoughts of thanks is for my snuggly, warm bed. As I contemplate getting out of my snuggly, warm bed I’m thankful that I live in a warm home, that I can afford to flick the heater on and enjoy a warm shower. A snore or snuffle from my husband or son turns my thoughts to my family and how grateful I am for their existence, their love, their support and their good health. As I consider the day ahead, I appreciate the freedom I have to plan my day, the choices and opportunities open to me and the level of self-determination that I exercise.

This simple practice, and its daily repetition, imbues me with a real sense of contentment. While I was safe, secure and free all along, I now feel safe, secure and free. Starting the day feeling this, and mindful that my family has all the necessities under control with no major worries or hardships, certainly brings a new perspective to my usual daily dramas.

I’m still no fan of mornings and I’m hanging out for spring, but a little gratitude in the morning makes each day a little brighter from the inside out. I intend to continue with it.

The value of a morning gratitude practice #gratitude #intentionalliving #mindfulness

Are you a morning person? What morning routines do you use to set yourself up for the day?


8 thoughts on “Starting as you mean to continue – gratitude in the morning”

  1. Well, I don’t know…I don’t like waking up early at all but it doesn’t affect my mood so much, if you know what I mean…

    Being thankful for all the good things in life at the start of the day seems like a great thing to do…If only I could be more mindful every day..but the rush that sets in as the clock strikes 7 just wipes that off the mind..But I can surely try

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  2. I find winter mornings hard too. I can’t wait for summer! Just to wake up to a warm bedroom with the sun shining in would make the early hours so much easier. I don’t really have a special morning routine but I am religious about making my bed. It’s a small thing but somehow it makes me feel more organised and it makes a big difference to how the house looks as well. The other necessity, of course, is coffee 🙂


    1. It is amazing what a difference making your bed makes. I find the payback for amount of effort I need to put in unmatched in the realm of household chores!


  3. Its a beautiful exercise to begin the morning with gratitude thoughts. I rise up and sit on my bed for few minutes in quietness only to say thanks for the deep sleep and for the brand new day, a lot of previous day thoughts and activities come to my mind; I acknowledge them with gratitude and then continue my routine… thanks for sharing


  4. This is a very wonderful idea Amy,
    Although i know its very good to always be grateful and i usually do it once awhile but has never thought of making it a daily habit.

    But i will have to start doing it from now. Indeed, no matter how cloudy and hard life might seem sometimes, if we sit down calmly and count our blessings, we will certainly find so many reasons to be happy and thankful.

    This is so interesting Amy.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love this raw post! What an excellent way to start your mornings, with gratitude. And an attitude of gratitude in a mother spills over onto everyone in the house!


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