It’s not a bargain if you bin it

Welcome to Food Waste Friday. This week, I fell victim to the supermarket’s super-marketers.

First, the good news. The system I implemented last week – designating a shelf in the fridge for items that need to be used up ASAP – is working well. All leftovers, half used jars of tomato paste, etc., were used up.

Food waste, Food Waste Friday, shopping
Broccoli to the bin – Food Waste Friday 3 July 2015

The bad news –1 ¼ heads of broccoli in the bin. I went to steam and puree it on Monday (in an attempt to save it) but it was too far gone. This was a clear case of “bargain blinkers”. Broccoli wasn’t on my shopping list, but I couldn’t resist it at a bargain two for $3. Wow, I could save $1 by buying two! So I did, but I barely used any of it – really, I wasted $2 and a lot of broccoli.

I have written before about how my desire to bag a bargain ends up costing me money and my efforts to overcome this. Today, I’m adding a new mantra for the supermarket:

“It’s not a bargain if you bin it.”

Are you a sucker for supermarket multi-buys? How was the food waste situation at your house this week?


10 thoughts on “It’s not a bargain if you bin it”

  1. I am such a sucker at the supermarket, and cleaning out my fridge last night I was like ‘I might as well just set my money on fire’. I really need to get better at it, but it’s so hard when you’re shopping and cooking for one!


  2. So glad I am not the only one ladies. I am just off to the supermarket now. “It’s not a bargain if you bin it! It’s not a bargain if you bin it …..”


  3. I always thought I spent more money by doing daily shops, rather than weekly bulk shops, but I actually think I waste less because of this. The only time I end up wasting food is when I go to the Avondale markets and buy ALL THE VEGGIES because they are soon cheap. And then end up throwing out an entire bag of bok choy…

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    1. I think you are onto something with little and often shops. Unfortunately with a littlie in tow that doesn’t really suit me at the moment. I so know what you mean about markets – I just can’t help myself and buy everything!


    2. Daily shopping if you can do it is a great way to reduce waste IMO. My Mom always did it after she dropped me at school – but she didn’t work. I try to buy much of the fresh this way, or say every couple of days.


  4. I am a sucker for supermarket multi buys too, especially the broccoli! Seems like it’s always the same deal at the moment. I love the comment above about setting your money on fire, that is so true.
    For us this week I have discovered the biggest waste of food is coming from our toddler. It’s obviously not his fault but I cringe at how much food gets thrown out at the end of his meals. I may have to start feeding him one tiny thing at a time, haha.

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  5. Hi, I’m working on using our veggies, rather thank chucking them, also! I find that broccoli that looks like yours in the photo is still good to use – I chop off the yellowing bits and cook up the rest. The stalks are good in a stirfry, or steamed. I’m even starting to like them more than the flowery bits on top! So the only part I don’t use is 1cm or so at the bottom of the stalk and and any of the top bits that are actually yellow. Realising this has meant much less broccoli thrown out here! I’m currently on a diet that includes only cooked veges, meat, eggs and coconut, so you can imagine how many veges are passing through the fridge each week!


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