Confessions of a supermarket environmentalist

Confessions of a supermarket environmentalist

I’ve been pretty environmentally conscious since my teens – I was getting books out of the library on climate change for casual reading back when it was still called the greenhouse effect.

In the last few years I became so overwhelmed by the scale of the problem and frustrated by greenwashing and green consumerism that I’ve almost given up trying.

These days I’d describe myself as a “supermarket environmentalist”. This description is a total contradiction in some ways, but sums up my desire to make the best everyday choices I can easily accommodate in a mainstream lifestyle.

My biggest tip is make a shopping list and stick to it. Only buy what you are going to use – and be realistic.

We all have good intentions, but putting fresh fruit and veggies in your shopping trolley doesn’t make you any healthier. You actually have to eat them! Instead, try popping some frozen fruit and veggies in your trolley to supplement the fresh. If you are doing a good job and getting through your 5+ a day there will be some on hand in the freezer. If not, there is less waste and food ready for a better week next week.

If you are after some eco-inspiration, I recommend a couple of blogs. What I really like about them is they are more action than aspiration. The bloggers are not buying their way to a “greener” lifestyle but sharing a wealth of practical advice about everyday experiences.

So be sure to check out:

Confessions of a supermarket environmentalist

Post-script: Since I first published this post three years ago, encouraged by the momentum of the zero waste movement, as well as changing seasons in my life (out of the toddler years!).

I’m still very focused on eliminating food waste in our household. I do a Food Waste Friday post every Friday on Instagram and Facebook, owning up to any food I’ve wasted that week and sharing tricks and tips to help you eat everything you buy.

I’ve also got into making my own cleaning products. I love it and I encourage you to give it a try to.



4 thoughts on “Confessions of a supermarket environmentalist”

  1. In vain I have been trying to comment on your posts.

    I only buy fresh fruit and veggies that we’ll eat immediately, and have frozen stuff for emergencies. I’m not very good at remembering to eat veggies when they are lurking in the freezer though.


    1. Hi Bella, yes that’s the problem with the freezer – out of sight, out of mind!
      Sorry you were having difficulty commenting – glad to see it got through in the end.


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